Melissa’s mission is to help you get what you want in life!

For over 20 years, Melissa Myers has served women by providing personal financial planning services, investment management and insurance solutions.  However, during the course of her career she recognized that women were looking for more.  More education, more support, more accountability and coaching.

Melissa has interviewed 100’s of women and she knows you don’t want to sacrifice your lifestyle or become a burden to others.

And…she’s been there!  In her late 20’s and early 30’s she was under serious stress because she didn’t have her financial house in order.  Burdened with a negative net worth around $200,000, increasing debt and an income that couldn’t keep up, she knew she needed to make changes.

When Melissa got serious about making changes in her life, she 10x’d her income, paid off debt, and began to enjoy life.

#1 Best Selling Author of Going Rogue! Unconventional Financial Strategies For Women,  Melissa, is here to help you learn, grow, enhance your confidence, and find empowerment inside a community of like-minded women.  Through her book, online programs, financial planning and coaching, you’ll get clarity about what really matters most to you so you can get your money aligned with your values, live your ideal life, and be a blessing to others.

“Money is a tool. Money helps you get, do, go and become. Yet, when there is a disconnect between your money mindset and behaviors, you end up spinning your wheels and sometimes, even just settling rather than effecting change.”

–Melissa Myers, CFP®

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