Sunkissed and Blessed Lifestyle Tips

  1. Choose water over diet soda
  2. Move your body for at least 30 minutes a day
  3. Practice gratitude-think of 3 things you’re grateful for before your feet hit the floor in the morning
  4. Call someone that you haven’t talked with in years and let them know you were thinking about them
  5. Increase your generosity…tithe, donations, volunteer time
  6. Unplug the TV for one month
  7. Try something new, a new activity, a new route home, a new recipe
  8. Every day for a month write down one thing you value about your spouse
  9. Catch your child doing something right and let him or her know how awesome he/she is and why
  10. Ask a friend how you can support her in her business
  11. Write-try 10 minutes a day of free-writing anything that is on your mind or start a blog.
  12. Make a dream board

Melissa Myers,CFP® is passionate about helping women discover their own sunkissed and blessed life.  Myers is an author, blogger, entrepreneur, lifestyle coach, and financial planner.   Her life changed when she committed to eliminating debt, created a plan to master her money, and developed a practice of expressing gratitude for the abundance in her life.  You too, can shift your mindset and find your prosperity.  Contact Melissa at