I may disappoint you…

As a financial professional, I’m a bit unconventional.

  • I won’t lead our meetings by talking about the markets or the performance of your account.
  • I love Jesus, but I do swear occasionally.
  • I make time for me; including mornings at the gym and a glass of wine after work.
  • I’m a middle-aged woman who’s been known to do a cartwheel from time to time.
  • I have a thing for great shoes, handbags and vacations.
  • I run for-profit businesses.

If you’re still with me, please keep reading!


Typically, the women my team works with are single, divorced, widowed or are the financial decision makers in their household. BUT, I wrote the #1 best-selling book, Going Rogue! Unconventional Financial Strategies for Women, for ALL women. Because, ladies, if you’re married, there’s a high probability that at some point you’ll find yourself either divorced or widowed. You need the information in my book, even if your spouse takes care of your money right now.
While my team and I love helping clients live an optimized life and be a blessing to others, there are only 24 hours in a day. Therefore, we limit the number of new clients we take on for one-to-one personal financial planning services so that we can serve you at the highest level possible. We value your time and that’s why we’ve made virtual meetings an option regardless of where you live. We aren’t offended if you live down the street and choose a virtual meeting!


My desire to serve a lot of women is one of the reasons why I wrote Going Rogue! I’m on an inspired mission, to help as many women as possible, improve their finances AND quality of life. That’s why I’m building a team with a heart to serve you like I do. As a goal setter, I’ve quantified “as many women as possible.” My goal is to serve 1,000,000 women during my lifetime. It’s a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) and I’m not scared!
My team is growing and we’re in the process of creating multiple avenues in which you can learn and apply the principals I teach. We want to help you experience transformation in your life and with your wealth. Our process starts with mindset. We help you identify your blocks, reframe negatives to positives, clean up mistakes and celebrate your successes. We are a community of like-minded women empowering each other. How? We are designing opportunities for you to participate in group coaching, workshops, retreats and self-paced, online courses. We believe that empowered women, empower women.


Years ago, I made a business decision that we won’t mandate account minimums. Instead, we’ve implemented a minimum planning fee, which makes financial sense for clients whose net worth is north of $1,000,000 or have an income in excess of $100,000/year.
Every client starts with a financial plan. Why? It’s important to both grow and protect your assets. The planning process helps uncover potential risks that could destroy your financial future in the event of unexpected events. It doesn’t matter who manages your money, if in a split second an unexpected tragedy occurred that caused you to lose it all. In my opinion, the work we do, providing insurance and investment management strategies to protect and preserve your wealth against potential risks, is every bit as important as growing your wealth.
You may hear that “most” advisors don’t charge for advice. The term “most” is a challenge to quantify. What you’ll find is that there are two reasons why advisors might not charge for advice. One, their firm, or licensing, doesn’t allow them to charge fees for advice. The second reason is that they may not know their own value. If free advice is what you’re seeking, our programs are not for you. We charge for advice and here’s why: we care deeply about the results our clients get.
What we’ve found is that when you pay, you pay attention. So many times I’ve had clients tell me they appreciate our regularly scheduled meetings because it helps hold them accountable to getting things done. When you’re held to a higher standard, you’re less likely to procrastinate and you’re more likely to implement. When you take action, you get results. Looking back and seeing the progress you’ve made over time is highly rewarding and motivating.

The 3 Ways We Get Paid

Financial planning and strategic consultation fees
Investment and insurance implementation with fees and/or commissions
Personal introductions on a favorable basis to other women who could benefit from our services
For 2022 the minimum strategic consultation fee is $700 and financial planning services start at $5500. Investment advisory fees range from .60% to 1.5% based on the assets under management. I reserve the right to adjust our fees, at any time, at my discretion. Fees could increase due to complexity, be discounted or waived altogether.

Curious About Optimizing Your Life?

When you’re ready to get clarity about your unique situation with customized advice, use this link to schedule your free 30 minute phone or Zoom Discovery Session.
Join the women who have allowed themselves the gift of:

curiosity -> mindset shifts -> control -> confidence

Working with us doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you value most. We help you gain clarity on what no longer serves you. Then we provide you with strategies that allow you entry to a life filled with purpose, impact and joy.

  • Would having more time with family warm your heart and put a smile on your face?
  • Does travel and new experiences fill your soul?
  • Do you have a desire to give back and make a bigger impact?

You have the privilege of choice. At any age and stage of life, you can choose your future. If debt is holding you down, we have strategies. If you want to travel, pay cash for your home or dream car, retire young, start a business, non-profit, you name it, your goals are top of mind for us. We want to help you get what you want in life.

Get started with your FREE 30 minute phone or Zoom Discovery Session.

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