I love helping others and I want to make a positive impact in the lives of many for generations to come.



Education is extremely important to me.  I believe that deserving students should have access to an education without carrying the burden of student loan debt into their 30’s like I did.

Helping others obtain an education is aligned with “My Why.”  In 2015 I committed to establishing a scholarship fund.  I made regular monthly contributions into an account with the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation  In early 2018 I decided to “up” my game.  I decreased my personal spending account (I gave up professional mani-pedi’s for the entire year of 2018)  With the money I wasn’t spending on myself, I was able to increase my charitable giving and met my goal of fully funding the scholarship fund about six months earlier than originally planned.  Now I make contributions from the money generated from this blog!

Thank you to all of you who helped me reach my goal of starting the scholarship fund with $10,000!!!   What started out as a little dream turned into reality.  2019 marks the first year my scholarship fund will help a student with college expenses!

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